Tips To Maintain Car Tires

Tips To Maintain Car Tires

Along with maintaining the chassis and changing oils or removing dents from the body- it’s essential for you to maintain the all season, winter or the high performance summer tires whichever are installed in your car. Before hitting the roads, it’s mandatory to check the status of your wheels along with checking the brakes, fuel etc.

Here are some tips for maintaining tires—

Check the tire pressure

You should be aware of the exact air pressure of the tires before filling the air by yourself or from the nearest gas station where you can fill the air for free. You can experience better driving experience with the properly inflated pressure. Avoid riding the car in improper inflation pressure, it’s dangerous. Also, properly filled up tires help in increasing the mileage and reduce fuel consumption. The drill is to reduce the cost of driving and it’s possible the less the tires touch the roads.

Get on your knees and check them

Check the cuts, cracks, sidewalls of the tires before hitting the roads. You should use tubeless tires to avoid replacing the old tubes every now and then. In fact, the tubeless tires are efficient for helping you during a puncture. You should have a puncture kit in your deck to use it on time to avoid the hassle.

You need the groove

When buying tires avoid the baldy ones; opt for the hot looks. You need to have tires with at least 2/32-inch tread depth. Use a tread depth gauge or you can also examine it by using a penny. Insert the penny into the tread groove by placing Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see Lincoln’s head- the tire needs immediate replacement. The worn out tire is of no use. You have the option to change each tire and keep running the vehicle with the other 3 old tires if they are doing well.

Some other tricks

Before taking the car to the roads, rotate the tires. It helps in promotes the tread wear and supports the tires to perform per designed.

You should also stop loading the car with unnecessary luggage. Also avoid pulling in bulky passengers to help the tires to breathe on road.

Wash the tires after each highway ride. Keep them muddy, soiled and dirty can wear off the body of the wheels along with rusting them.

These are some ideas that you can apply for improving for maintaining the car tires.

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